The Strength Training Cycle for Triathletes, Runners & Cyclists

Most of my athletes have a love-hate relationship with the gym. They want to get stronger for their respective sports, but between work, family obligations, and their in-sport training load they have a hard time wanting to carve out additional hours for strength training. To help them fit it in, over the last several months... Continue Reading →


Swiftwick Photo Shoot!

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to spend a morning riding my bike, trying on different socks, and getting my legs photographed in the socks! At first I was a little apprehensive; let's be honest never did I ever think I'd be modeling socks (or anything in general haha). BUT! It was the... Continue Reading →

TN State RR Championship

"You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy." - Arthur Ashe The Tennessee State Road Race Championships was a much different race than I had envisioned. Nothing was drastically different, but the differences did change the race dynamics.... Continue Reading →

Kit Guide: The Brands I’m Loving

With triathlon and cycling season in full swing, I wanted to take a minute and share some of my favorite triathlon suits and cycling kits brands. Over my years in the sport (which aren't that many compared to a lot of people) apparel has changed drastically. When I started competing in triathlon the women's only... Continue Reading →

Part 2: Espinazo del Diablo RR

If the race directors were solely judged based on the accuracy of the race name to describe the event, then I'll just go ahead and score them an A+ right now. Espinazo del diablo, or in English, the backbone of the devil. Kind of ominous right? Like, if you actually thought about it a sense... Continue Reading →

Athlete Spotlight: Kat

Kat is my first official Nashville athlete. After moving here last year and working to get involved with the local triathlon community, Kat contacted me about coaching. She was just getting into the sport and looking to invest in a coach to help her reach her goals. I am so thankful that she chose me... Continue Reading →

Conquering the Open Water

One hundred meters into the race it happens. You panic. You feel yourself start to thrash about. It is as if you've never been to the pool in your life, never mind swim countless yards in preparation. The unwelcome thought that you just might die creeps in as you fight to flip over onto your... Continue Reading →

Johnson City Omnium

This past weekend I took a four and a half hour drive East to do my third omnium of the season in Johnson City, TN. I was rather excited to race bikes after having spent the last several months focusing on 70.3 triathlon training. I knew this weekend was going to challenge me both physically... Continue Reading →

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