Athlete Spotlight: David L.

Super excited to spotlight David this month! He has been one of my athletes for several years now. Always consistent in training, David keeps a positive attitude and does his thing! About David - Sport - Duathlon/TriathlonAge Group - 45-49Hometown - Laredo, TXNumber of Years Competing - 4 yearsB.E.S.T. Coach - Sarah Portella B.E.S.T. athlete... Continue Reading →


From Triathlon to Bike Racing. One Triathlete’s View Into Making the Switch

Scary. Technical. Hard. The three descriptors I would use to describe road racing. As an outsider (read: triathlete) looking in (read: the cycling world) racing bikes without a swim before and a run after seemed dangerous and absurd. My running background had led me straight past the intimidating world of road cycling and full on... Continue Reading →

Make Ahead Muesli (overnight oats)

Usually I don't share recipes on this blog, but recently I have talked with a few people that have been struggling with eating well when they are entering into higher volume training. My husband and I have also struggled with that off and on during our triathlon seasons so we decided it was time to... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Testing

I know. Testing. Everyone's favorite pastime. The title of my blog may have sent a few of you into a full on panic attack as memories of final exams and cramming for final exams flood your senses. But, stay with me here for just a moment. I want to tell you about a different type... Continue Reading →

How To Build A Strong Base

Kick off your season the right way! In just one week Christmas will be behind us, the New Year will have been rung(?) in, and triathletes (and cyclists) will be dusting off their bikes & ordering new swimsuits (okay cyclists may not order swimsuits) for another season of training. It is an exciting time of... Continue Reading →

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