The Gift Guide: Holiday Gifting for Athletes

My husband and I are the only triathletes in our family. So when it comes to the holidays, our families are always asking us "what can we give you?" because they have absolutely no idea what triathletes want, or need. Below I have listed out some of my very favorite items (and a few that... Continue Reading →


The Plan: How to Set Up your Training Cycle

In my last blog post, Goal Setting, I set out to explain the easiest way to define your race goals. And then I kind of left you hanging by encouraging you to "really think through each of your goals and spend some time coming up with a strategy...".  After thinking about it over the Thanksgiving... Continue Reading →

Achieve Your Goals in 2019

Calling all athletes with big (or not so big) goals for the 2019 season! Currently I am taking on new athletes (triathletes, runners, and cyclists) for the upcoming season. Local to the area, or States apart, I can help you achieve (or create) the goals you have set for next season. Not certain you need... Continue Reading →

The Binge

I happened across Bookwalter Binge Gran Fondo, or The Binge, as I heard it lovingly referred too, kind of by accident. As in I had never heard of this event and was searching on the USA Cycling website to find a ride to finish out my cycling season. The website promised lots of climbing, fall... Continue Reading →

Triathletes Need Community Too

It's 5:59 a.m. and it's dark and chilly. Several cars are parked in the parking lot with the engines still running, the inhabitants waiting until the very last seconds to leave the warmth their car heaters are providing. The clocks flip to 6 a.m. and car doors begin opening. Everyone takes in sharp breaths as... Continue Reading →

How To Rock The Off-Season

For a lot of triathletes coming into the off season produces more panic and anxiety than stepping up to the start line of an iron distance race. Fearful phrases like┬áno structure or losing fitness are hard pills to swallow. But the off-season doesn't have to be this scary black hole of lost fitness. There are... Continue Reading →

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